Thursday, September 8, 2011

What's going on in our lives.

Mommy has been neglecting our blog, and we haven't figured out how to type, but we finally got her to help us. We went to New York at the end of July for our annual family reunion, but Mom and Dad didn't take a lot of pictures this year, here are a few.

It was a beautiful day on the farm the day of the party.
We met this huge fellow, he was very sweet. We think his name was Hercules.
This handsome fellow who looks like Miss Khyra was named Yukon.
This is a whole bunch of our relatives. The outdoor kitchen in the background used to be a horse trailer.
Leo stayed home and held down the couch while we were gone.
After we got home, we saw this fellow one morning on our walk.
There are also a couple of new cows in the neighborhood.

We will finish up with a few shots of Daisy in the back yard.

Hopefully Mommy will not neglect our blog any more.


bbes tribe said...

What is it with these "asisstants" aka Mom???? Ours has been neglectful. We had a talk with her and she is trying again! Like the pics and Hercules, Yukon and just so's you know--- you 2 are good looking too.

Daisy Boo said...

Looks like a fun way to end the summer!

<3 Daisy Boo

Dog Blogging With Luna said...

You know sometimes blogs just get neglected a little bit. So glad you are back and that you have shared your pictures. Looks like a nice and relaxing time was had!

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

What pawesome pikhs!

It is SO nice to see BLEU skEYE!

Thanks fur sharing that handsome handsome Yukon!

Good lukhk keeping your assistant under khontrol!

PeeEssWoo: GReat pikhs Miss Daisy!

Kari in Vegas said...

you guys have been busy!


The Bleu said...

I know a little something about blog neglect, and I feel your pain... but what FUN it is to catch up!!!

I love all of the photos you shared. So happy to see Sweet Daisy, and so very relieved that the Leo was left with a good book, the phone and also the remote within easy reach! Whshhhhhew!

with love from the Bleu (and also Reuf)!

Meeka said...

Same here, I hear the word BUSY all the time.

Dog By Nature said...

Ah, neglectful humans are the bane of blogging dogs aren't they?:) Welcome back, it's always good to see your Golden smiles.

1000 Goldens said...

My Mom has been bad about blogging this summer too Tucker and Daisy! Looks like you had a wonderful reunion and we love the picture of Leo all curled up :)

Augie and Ti's mom said...

I think Augie and Ti know about neglectful blogging humans! Glad you guys had a good time!

nimfa and my golden retriever said...

It must be very exciting to have all these pets with you. By the way, Hercules looks great in his photos.