Thursday, September 23, 2010

What we saw on our walk today

We went for a nice early morning walk. The trees are starting to change color. They are early this year because we had a hot dry summer.
Remember Daisy's friend from our Staycation a couple of weeks ago? She came up to the fence line to say hi this morning.
Here we are, home and happy.
P.S. Yesterday we were sitting on the trail behind our house waiting for Mommy to stop looking in the grape vines for grapes to make jelly with and take us for the rest of our walk.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Our Staycation

Tucker the Great Dane is hosting a Staycation contest, so we thought we would enter. Follow the link above to see the details.

We stayed very close to home and walked to the local Wildlife Management Area. We have walked around on the roads, but never went in before.
It was an absolutely beautiful day in Massachusetts
The birds were having a great time enjoying the wind to float around.
This is the hill heading up into the section of the Management area we explored.
That led to this set of paths through the meadow.
Looking back, you could see the hills. Mommy had fun with the panorama function on her camera.
It was cool and breezy today, but after all that walking, we needed a bit of a rest.
And a water break.
We headed out into the woods.
We got a bit lost, but no worries. Mommy has a good sense of direction, and then we found a stone wall to follow. Practical New England farmers don't build walls unless there is somewhere for them to go, so we followed it back to the road.
On the way, there was much interesting pee-mail to read.
When we got back to the road, we walked on home. On the way, Daisy made a new friend.
Isn't she a cutie?
Hope all our friends are having a great weekend like us.