Friday, August 13, 2010

Relaxing on Friday

Mommy insisted on doing all that housecleaning stuff she does today, so we decided to just chill, and be in the way as much as possible.

She claims it's our fault she needs to clean so much. Just because we shed, we shouldn't get the blame, should we?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Our Summer Vacation

Hi Friends. We went to New York last week for our annual summer vacation and family reunion.
Here is Daisy ready for a fun day.
Our sister Sera had puppies 8 weeks ago. They loved seeing so many people.
Tucker is not sure about his niece or nephew. He just hopes we aren't taking one home. (Not this time.)
After all the attention, the puppies are worn out.
This is our Uncle Elvis. He is 14 and Tucker's mother's brother.
We went for a swim with a new friend.
Daisy loves to swim.
This little girl was trying to teach this puppy to shake. We are not sure he got the concept.
This is Fred, Daisy's littermate. He's a very handsome fellow.
This is Woody, another relative.
This is our Aunt Tasha.
We saw lots of horses this weekend. This is Metheringham Upton Isaac, one of the stallions at Ox Kill Farm.
Mommy got to drive the team, Lara and Korry.
Someone made these cool Golden Retriever cookies. Mommy said they were yummy but no one would share them with dogs.
Mommy used to own this horse, her name is Polly. Mommy always goes to visit her when we go to New York. Polly is 29 now, very old for a big horse.She looks great for an old girl. Mommy says she is too stubborn to die.
On Tuesday, Mommy and Daddy went to a horse show with the Ox Kill crew. Here they are ready to go into the show ring.
We had so much fun on our vacation, as always. We love to go home to the farm.