Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Birthday contest post.- Amended version

We forgot someone and needed to change a picture, so here is a corrected version.

We have had so many entries for Daisy's Friends Forever contest. The first was Sammie and June.

They suggested we visit their friend Kane, at Shutzhund Adventures. They also introduced us to their Mom's sister Rebecca, and their adorable cousin Grace.

Then Miss Khyra posted on her blog about the contest. That got us lots of new friends.

Those included the 2 she introduced us to, Ozzie and his fur sister Dief, both Siberians who blog.

Socks, Scylla, Charybdis & Fenris came after seeing us on Khyra's blog. They are three kitties and a dog.

They introduced us to Dakota, Phantom and Thunder, the OP Pack at The Chronicle of Woos, more nice Sibes.

The OP pack decided to enter too, and introduced us to even more Sibes, the gang of six at The Thundering Herd. We may need to apply for honorary Sibe status with all these new friends. Maybe Khyra can set us up.

Through Khyra's post we also met Checkers, a nice little Peek-a-Poo.

Checkers introduced Luke, a nice Golden friend of ours. We had considered introducing him ourselves, so we are glad Checkers did the honors for us. This is Luke and his brother the Bleu.

Next we met Daphne and Pruett, who are brother and sister German Shepards at GSD Adventures. Sorry, we couldn't borrow a good picture of them. The suggested a few new friends. One was their brother Cooper. The others are Stanislaw and Big Pupi, two cute Cocker Spaniels of I Eat Raw Meat.

The next new friend is Ludo, the adorable Sheltie.

Ludo introduced us to his friend Reilly, another cute Sheltie. Reilly has cow spots.

Then we met the Three Happy Heelers, Gus, Louie and Callie. Our Mommy was glad to meet them, because Mommy's sister used to have a nice Heeler.

They introduced us to their new friend Stump, another heeler. If you visit, check out her blog name, it is great.

From the Heelers, we met a great cat, Bruce. He lives in South Florida, like we used to, and helps in his Dad's shop.
Bruce introduced us to a beautiful snowshoe cat cat named Luna.

The next entry is from our good friends The Bumpass Hounds (go Sox). There are so many of them we are not going to try and post pictures, go and visit and see for yourself.

They introduced us to Travis, who looks like a fun guy who hosts lots of contests. We seem to have a lot of friends in common.

One of our best Golden friends, Mason Dixie, also made an entry.

Mason Dixie introduced us to Abbey and Bosley of Sarcastic Sunshine.

When we visited their blog, we found out that they had entered the contest. They introduced our mutual friends, Gus and Waldo. A great choice.

Then some new friends, JD and Max, a pair of cute schnauzers, came by to visit and enter the contest. They introduced us to their friend Finn, a German Shepard.

We got at entry from our good friends Joey and Zekie. Joey was too embarassed to talk about his girlfriend Lacie, so Zekie did it for him. We have heard lots of things about Lacie, we will have to check out her blog and see for ourselves.

Next up is our kitty friend, the beautiful Huffle Mawson.

Huffle introduced us to a beautiful Birman kitty named Batu Khan.

Another new friend that we have seen around is Suzuki.

She introduced us to a cute Japanese Spitz named Charlie.

Last, but certainly not least are our friends Luna and Elizabeth. Luna is a gorgeous young Golden.

Luna introduced our mutual friend Farley, who was another friend we thought about introducing, so we are glad she let everyone know about him.

We are so glad we had so many entries to our contest. It was so much fun to meet some new friends. We were interested to see that no one introduced the same friends. Some of our current friends were introduced, but they were mostly lesser known ones that we are glad to have showcased.

Mommy is concerned that she might have missed somebody who entered by the deadline when she helped me put this post together, so we are going to put the drawing off until Friday. If we missed you and you entered, please leave us a comment or e-mail us at tuckerdaisy@gmail.com by Friday and we will add you. Otherwise, Internet permitting we will announce the winners on Friday.


C said...

Those are all really cool pictures of some great friends!

Suzuki said...

Yep, you missed me :(
Big licks to you

Elizabeth and Luna said...

Wow, so many great friends. I am going to have to visit some Blogs today :) What a great idea this was!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


Your post is raining birthday wishes AND khats and khanines!

We would have khommented earlier but blogger was maintaining itself and we khould only read things!

I'm sure this was a furry special birfday fur a furry special golden girrl!


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's so interesting how friends led to friends! I wonder if Bruce lives near me? That was a cool birthday contest, even though Zekie kind of embarrassed me a little. Because really, one of the best things in life are friends.

See ya!

Checkers said...

you sure got introduced to a lot of new friends - great contest

Mason Dixie said...

wow you sure did meet a lot of new friends, some I did not even know!! What a great contest. =)

Thoughts said...

Wow - that's a lot of new friends. We're dopes and totally forgot about the contest :(

Wags and woofs,
Benson and Gibson

LUCKY LUKE said...

Love the Daisy Birfday Contest! Great friends what make life so special!!!

Happy you are mine!

wif love from the Luke

The OP Pack said...

This was one of the most fun contests we have entered. we met a lot of new furiends and after reading your post, it looks like we have a lot more to visit. Thanks for sharing your special day in such a special way, Daisy.

Woos, the OP Pack

JD and Max said...

Hi Daisy - this was such a brilliant idea for a contest, we enjoyed playing as we got to meet you! We're just off now to nose around some of the other blogs we haven't seen before. Thanks and tail wags - JD and Max.

The Bumpass Hounds said...

Heya Guys,
How 'bout them Celtics. Is your mom gonna watch tonight? We think meeting new friends is great. We've been tied up with some AHGRR work, but we have just introduced our new foster brother Radar, a.k.a. Radio. Stop by our blog and meet him. He's a special boy.

Farley's Mom said...

Daisy - we just saw this! I guess last time I visited I didn't see all of your new posts. Thank you so much for including us :) We will go visit your other friends. Thank you! Farley's Mom