Sunday, January 4, 2009

More about us

We thought we would tell you a little bit about how we came to live with our Mommy and Daddy.
After they got a house of their own, Mommy told Daddy she wanted another kitty. (Old, grumpy Abby already lived with them.) She went off the the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League, an awesome no-kill shelter in West Palm Beach, because she wanted an orange and white kitten, and they had some pictured on their website. When she got there, someone was playing with the orange kitties, so she opened Leo's cage. He began to purr more than any cat she had ever heard, so she decided he was the kitty for her. Mommy says we don't have any baby pictures of Leo on the computer, but this was taken when he was about a year old.

When Mommy and Daddy got married, she told him that she wanted to get a Golden Retriever when they got their own house, so a few months after Leo came to live with them, they contacted their friends at Ox Kill Farm, where they raise Shire horses and Goldens, and told them to save a puppy for them. Tucker was born March 18, 2004, and he came to live in Florida in late May, 2004. He got to fly on an airplane when he was a puppy, and that was when Mommy knew she got the perfect dog, because he behaved himself the whole time on the plane, and never made a peep. This is Tucker just before they left the farm to go to the airport.

This is Tucker hanging out in the kitchen of our Florida house.
This is Tucker when he was about a year old.

Leo and Tucker hanging out in the Florida kitchen.

After Mommy and Daddy got Tucker, Daddy realized that Mommy was right, and Goldens are the perfect dogs, and he asked Vicky at Ox Kill to put their name on the puppy list again, so when Tucker's sister Shamie had her first litter on May 10, 2006, Ox Kill's Shamrock's Lucky Daisy was born, and she came to live with us in July, 2006. This is Daisy the first week she lived with us. She has always been food motivated.

Daisy loves her uncle Tucker, and they have been inseparable since she met him, though he was not sure about her at first. He is such a good boy though, he was the perfect uncle.

Leo has always been Tucker's buddy, and here he is meeting the newest member of the family.

In late 2006, we all moved to Massachusetts. Soon we will post pictures of where Tucker and Daisy go for our walk most days. Leo stays home safe inside, there are many coyotes here.

Bye for now.

Tucker, Daisy and Leo


Mason Dixie said...

You have very beautiful pups. I would love to have a golden niece or nephew but alas I am an only puppy.

Thor said...

Hi Tucker, Daisy and Leo!
Greet to meet you!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and nice words.
I love meeting new friends! You are gorgeous!
What a beautiful story! Your pictures are lovely!


simona e marco e i loro tesori preziosi...paco e milo said...

Dear friends...your story is wonderful and you 2 are very very very gorgeous!!!!!
we love your picture!!!!!!
Tucker &'re a good brother and sister and very lucky dogs!!!!!!
we're honored to be your friends!!!!!!
lots of love and kisses!!!!!!!